You don’t have to be great to start,

but you have to start to be great.

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I’m Tomas Svitorka – Life Coach

Okay, let’s cut to the chase.

So you want to do better. You’re just feeling a bit stuck. But whether it’s fear, or you just don’t see which way you should take the step towards,
that’s okay.  We’ve all felt that way at some point. I know I have.
But some people just stay there, glued to the same spot for ages (or forever!) because they don’t get the right support to help them make the progress they want.
You are not one of them. You’re here, which means you know you want to take that step forward – and I think that’s pretty damn great. And if you’re serious about it, even better.
Get in touch, and I’ll make sure we turn this challenge into a success story you can tell at any dinner party.

Here’s what my clients gained… (in a nutshell)

Mindset Life Coach London


Creating a powerful and unstoppable mindset is absolutely crucial and becomes the foundation of your success. Imagine defying all the doubts and nagging voices in your head, and replacing them with encouraging, empowering beliefs! A powerful mindset is what separates winners and losers. This is why it’s the number one focus.

Strategy Life Coach London


Success is about working hard, but is primarily about working SMART! We will identify which actions will give you the biggest ROI. You’ll be leaving each session with a step-by-step, strategic plan towards your success. Lasting accomplishment is a result of an effective strategy, and that is what we will create.

Accountability Life Coach London


With your new powerful mindset and effective strategy, you’ll be ready to take action. Through firm accountability my clients have accomplished what they had procrastinated with for ages. We’ll get you through obstacles, whether internal or external, and you WILL succeed.

London life coach

Michael Serwa
High-end Life Coach, Speaker & Author
‘Tomas has a rare, natural talent for coaching which makes him a great asset to the field of personal development. He’s also one of the most enthusiastic and reliable people I know.’
Life coach London
Mike C.
Retail Director
“I have to say that this has been a tremendous experience. From the first session I felt that we had a great connection. Tomas really understood my situation, asked great questions that made me see the ‘hidden obvious’. The breakthroughs just went from there. When I started my general happiness was 3 out of 10. After 6 weeks my general happiness was 8! Amazing. I really recommend this guy.”

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What’s in the eBook?

This 40-page book will guide you through the process of identifying, clarifying, and achieving your goals.

You will learn how to:

  1. Define WHAT it is that you want. 
  2. Understand WHY you want it. 
  3. Identify and overcome what is stopping you. 
  4. Strategically design your action plan.
  5. Make sure you will stay on track. 

And a lot more!

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Life Coach London

Life Coach London

Life Coach London

Life Coach London

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